Student Government Association (SGA)



Mateo Haydar


Slogan: “Moving DC Forward”

My name is Mateo Haydar and I am a senior at Doral Academy. I am passionate about public service and community involvement with the purpose of affecting positive change. With the belief that there is always something more to be done, I have stayed involved in school and in the community as an organizer, debater, and volunteer. From Model UN and Ethics Bowl to Doral College Bioethics, I have had the opportunity to compete as a debater and public speaker at both the high school and college level—gaining insight on parliamentary procedure, public speaking, and policy research. As an organizer and volunteer, I have helped carry out voter registration drives, organized a student service trip to Guatemala with a non-profit organization, worked with county government officials to hold community meetings on violence among students and set up community clothing and water supply drives for children overseas. Most recently, I have been able to serve and gain further experience as Treasurer for the Doral College SGA, President of the National Honor Society, and Political Editor for the Doral Academy Newspaper. Outside of school, I have volunteered as an intern for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and as Law Enforcement Representative for the Miami-Dade County Youth Commission, a legislative advocacy program for Miami-Dade County youth.

I think my qualifications for SGA President are rooted both from experience in other organizations as well as from a profound passion and vision for student engagement in the community. Having been a part of Doral College’s first SGA as treasurer, I’ve been able to gain a perspective on the complexity of the college’s unique student body structure and what it takes to achieve results in a way that is efficient and communicated effectively. The DC student body is new and relatively disintegrated, given our structure. My vision for SGA going forward is to integrate the student body spirit through active communication and events, bring a new emphasis to service and community engagement to DC, and establish a constant and direct relationship between students in participating schools and the college faculty. From my experience in other club boards to my involvement in multiple service projects, I’ve seen what works and what often has the potential of not working because of inefficiencies or a lack of communication. I hope to bring that perspective to SGA in order to help move the DC student body forward.

Over the course of the past year, I have been unexpectedly shaped by the undertakings of my role as President of the Doral Academy National Honor Society. What originally seemed as primarily a technical and trivial role, this position and the implications of such have instilled in me a clarity on setting goals and dealing with issues from a position of independence, where a task or decision is left to you as opposed to being delegated to someone above you. More importantly, it’s established in me a clear conviction that the limits we set on ourselves as members of student organizations are far too many. In the particular case of National Honor Society, where there once was a long list of largely symbolic community events we have managed to implement clothing drives for children in need, institute a writing center to help struggling students, and plan our own events working directly in conjunction with the community. I would say the most difficult part of that general experience was the beginning—the planning and the decision-making process that takes place in trying to avoid the smallest of mistakes or setback. I’ve learned to overcome my individual weaknesses in that process and use my perspective to make of it an advantage in achieving the highest of goals; my hope is that those same type of goals can be set and achieved for the DC SGA.



Kamila Arap

Kamila Arap Doral Academy Charter High School

Hello, my name is Kamila Arap and I am a student at Doral Academy Charter High. I am an avid speaker, a science aficionado and a history connoisseur. Above all I am a person of integrity and believe in helping others when one is capable of doing so. Over my High School years I have participated in many activities that have helped my community and will prepare me in the future to help other, which is my ultimate career goal. I have had to take on leadership positions and been under intense amounts of pressure to achieve a goal, but have successfully completed every project I’ve set my mind to. I believe to be perfectly capable of performing the job as vice president accordingly.

I believe to be the best candidate because not only do I have the conviction to improve this college, but also I am a sincere person. If I am running for this position it is because I truly care about this college and I have plenty of creative ideas that would make the college experience fun and monumental for my peers.

This past summer I took my love for history and an open opportunity and decided to re new a lost honor society in our school. I took a lot of convincing and planning on behalf of my high school administration and I, and ultimately planning how to make this an honor society that would, instead of being a school burden, become an enjoyable part of their day. It is very challenging to keep people happy, but it is my ultimate goal in life to help as many people as I possibly can and this was one of the many projects I have planned out before my high school and college career end.

Megan Mejia

Megan Mejia

Hi I am Megan Mejia and I would describe myself as easygoing, bubbly, understanding, and organized. I tend to do all that I do with patience. I enjoy doing mission trips with youth group, girl scouts, and spending time helping others as much as I can. I am the oldest child of 4 children. I have gone on many mission trips around the U.S. to places such as Puerto Rico and Georgia which has changed me for the best to understand that everyone is different and unique in many ways and all voices should be heard.

I believe that I can be the voice of many students who want to better Doral College and I also believe that with my organized characteristics such as planning for the future, writing everything down, and keeping everything neat and clean, I can better Doral College to keep being academically successful.

I once was a Vacation Bible School preschool station leader which was basically being a teacher for a week to pre-k kids. It included planning curriculum, keeping many medical records, coming up with backup plans to keep the children entertained, and making my goal to keep the children at the end of it all. Though it may have been time consuming, I enjoyed all of it as I knew that it would later benefit the children in a good way.

Kristen Diaz

Kristen Diaz Doral Academy Charter High School

Slogan: “You can count on me”

My name is Kristen Diaz and I’m a senior at Doral Academy Prep, where I am Vice-President of my class, Activities Director of our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) team, and involved in several other clubs and national honor societies. I would like to be a business major and later become an entrepreneur in the near future.

I have a vast knowledge when it comes to money and business. I have had work experience and I currently have an internship at the college, where I am normally in charge of tasks that involve financials. I also made it to States in my FBLA competition last year and I was promoted to being an officer this year. I have taken several business courses in my school and also with Doral College, which has helped me in being the Business Manager of Doral College’s Literary Journal, The Millennial. All of these prior and current business-related experiences have all worked out well, considering my organization and math skills. My love for numbers and money is eternal.

I believe holding the title of Business Manager of the literary journal aids in me being qualified for this job. My communication and organizational skills have not failed me while being the Business Manager. I am in charge of with almost all aspects of the magazine and managing the rest of the team. It is my job to constantly be in contact with everyone we are working with and manage all business/financial aspects of it. Everyone can count on me to be their voice and be responsible for oversight of funds.


Adriana Arcia

Adriana Arcia Mater Academy High School

Slogan: “Vote Smart.”

My name is Adriana Arcia and I am running for SGA Senator. I was born in Nicaragua and moved to Gainesville when I was 2, and to Miami when I was 5. I love literature, writing, debate, and philosophy. Over the years that I’ve been enrolled in Doral College, I’ve come to fall in love with the people that make it up as well as their vision for education, and would love to be a part of its growth.

As a student who is able to interact with the Doral College community on-campus daily, I believe that I am in an ideal position to represent the student body. Being well-versed in both interpersonal communication and public speaking allows me to ensure that the concerns of the students are being presented in a way that is effective and conducive to change.

Playing a key part in the growth of Doral Academy’s Philosophy Club has been one of the most rewarding experiences throughout high school. As one of its founding members, I have witnessed every stage of its development. In its infancy, before it was even an official club, it merely consisted of around 10 students who shared a passion. Now, I am Philosophy Club’s official Secretary, and immensely proud of the remarkable increase in club attendance, which has shot up from 10 to 52 in two short years.

Daniel Iglesias

Daniel Iglesias Mater Academy

Slogan: “Vote 4 Dan, he’s the man!”

Greetings fellow Doral College students, I am Daniel Iglesias and I am a crashing wave on the sunny beach-side, consisting of high tides and low tides that life puts all of us adolescents through at the worst times. But what makes a leader a “true” leader in these circumstances is being able to ride the wave and navigate through the journey and hardships we are placed in front of us, looking past them and overcoming them in search of bigger, better, and brighter opportunities. I am a junior at Mater Academy Charter High School and I hope to serve as a delegate on the Doral College Student Government Board. Aside from placing myself in a rigorous curriculum and substantial amount of work with the joint homework of my school and dual enrollment at Doral College and Miami-Dade College, I also step outside for what I consider to be what forges our best high school memories, clubs. I am a the president of the Pre-Med club at my school, the treasurer of my class (Class of 2018), and a secretary for Science National Honor Society. Additionally, outside of school I am a representative for my entire district as I serve as a Miami-Dade Youth Commissioner for district 12 and I am a secretary for Miami Mensa. When this immense amount of workload manages to slip my mind and I somehow have time for other activities, I enjoy spending time with my family and close friends.

If selected, I would contribute my whole-hearted efforts to any project the board is working on. All the while, serving as an active voice for my home club and contributing my experience in a series of fields for community outreach programs, which I feel would be of great need to SGA and the DC community. All the while, implementing my strengths and weaknesses, one of my strengths is my adaptability. I feel as if I can handle whatever task is handed to me with proper instruction. I believe that this ability to “adapt” to tasks of all nature stems from my years of leadership experience for co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This compilation of experience and well roundedness is why I feel that I am the best fit for this position.

I have held numerous leadership opportunities which I feel have evidently molded me into the leader I am today, a leader I consider capable and well fit for this position. I currently serve on the following boards of my school: Class of 2018, Key Club, Science National Honor Society, and Pre-Med. However, I also hold multiple leadership positions in Miami-Dade County for exterior boards from my school and also serve on the state board for the Florida District of Key Club International. I feel that each and every one of these positions have prepared me for different aspects of leadership and have molded me into my “adaptable” self.

Amanda Sardinas

Amanda Sardinas Mater Lakes Academy

Slogan: A Leader for the Future

I’m Mandy and I’m a senior at Mater Lakes Academy. My hobbies include photography and writing. When I’m not heavily involved the National English Society and Photography club, I’m cheering on the Miami Marlins or baking cupcakes. I’m also mildly obsessed with my three wonderful dogs. I have a genuine passion for government and plan on pursuing a major in political science in college. I’m a very driven person that cares deeply about contributing to the betterment of society. I have been involved in various community service programs ranging from children’s hospitals to veterinary clinics.

I feel that I am the best candidate for the position of vice president because of my steadfast work ethic. I have managed to stay in the in the top five percent of my class while managing various extra circulars and dual enrollment courses at Miami-Dade college. Many people also describe me as a very spirited individual that gives her all in all of her endeavors.

Serving as the Secretary of the National English Honor Society truly know what a leadership position entails. As secretary, I took record of meetings, filed paper work and had to be very conscious of deadlines. I also took the initiative in planning several field trips and fundraising opportunities.

­Gabriela Gonzalez

­Gabriela Gonzalez Pinecrest Preparatory High School

Slogan: “Don’t be trippy, vote for Gibby”

I’m the average teenage, mother of four, who has to manage her time between school, work, sleep, and somewhat of a social life. I’m a mother of four lovely shih tzu’s (Chucho, Sabrina, Tyson, and Pepito) who are the lights of my life. I currently attend Miami Dade College in a program called Early Admission while I’m still enrolled and very active in my home, Pinecrest Preparatory High School. If it weren’t for my best friends Lauren Cooper, Michelle Reyes, Michelle Canepa, Jasmine Hernandez, and Drake Bringas, I wouldn’t be who I am today. A side from taking up the remainder of my time to have fun and hang out, they help me manage everything else in my life. Oh, and I work at PPMH as the SGA president, along with being involved in almost every other club. SGA pretty much drowns in spirit and activities such as spirit week, Homecoming, and countless more. SGA has been my life since freshmen year and if it weren’t for this “association” and those who got me involved, I definitely wouldn’t be the extremely involved, spirited, and dedicated student I am today.

Aside from the four years of Student Government experience I’ve gained from being secretary (2 years) and president (2 years), I’m very dedicated to anything and everything I put my mind to and would definitely do my best in representing my school.

When talking about leadership experiences this becomes a very complicated topic for me. I don’t believe SGA and all the activities put on are simply leadership experiences but rather a group effort. This past week was a “leadership” experience in itself. We planned at least two Daily Games per day and on Friday hosted a whole hour and fifteen minutes of a pep rally filled with amazing performances, thrilling games, and countless moments that makes chills go up ones arms.


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